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We are an online grocery delivery in bhadohi. It is helps in delivering groceries and food to your doorstep. We are devoted to our customers who are dependent on us regarding their daily essentials or monthly supplies. Be it groceries or packaged food, be it your daily essentials or health care products, we have it all. We at Grocia primarily tend to deliver goods required in your household daily which is found in multiple convenience stores. We take to your doorstep other food supplies and home essentials just as you demand.

Our Vision

Here at Grocia, we are trying our best to lead the charge to transform the unorganized and vast grocery landscape in India by using innovation and new technology. We certainly believe that all our customers deserve the golden opportunity to try and continuously improve their life which is indeed a process that starts from the home. As a result of this vision, we have made it our mission at Grocia to help our customers make better and a lot healthier choices when buying any products they need. We provide them with a vast range of quality essential household products and high-quality healthy groceries.
We also have ample faith that with the ecosystem we power, we can change the lives of our customers over the upcoming years. Our customers will have perfectly formulated easy access to household products and groceries at the best possible value. They will also be able to access products they require and even discover newer options that would improve their wellbeing and health. Our customers would be able to spend quality time with their families while we at Grocia take care of these essential needs that they have. Adding on to this, we are also helping numerous local businesses and creating multiple opportunities for employment and a better quality of life.

Our values

We at Grocia tend to fulfill all the wants and needs of our customers. Adding on to that, we are also an efficient team of professionals who are strictly guided by values as such:
Love for our customers
It is always that we try to put the interests of our valued customers before our own. We work very hard and try to earn their trust and in turn, make sure we stand up to their expectations and eventually bring them happiness with every interaction that takes place.
A strong action bias
At Grocia, we have always dreamt big and taken risks. We have always had a strong bias for any action. However difficult the situation may be, we try to make sound decisions every time and take very thoughtful actions.
Work with frugality
Grocia always tends to look out for ways to provide more and do more even when the resources are limited. We do this by trying to create leverage as high as possible within the time and resources available.
We at Grocia are optimistic and tenacious. We try our level best to provide you with everything you require. From groceries to healthcare, we try to cater to all your needs. Thus this time, if you are looking for anything as such online, we are sure you would check us out.

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